Monday, February 15, 2016

Slight Changes Can Matter

Last year I painted a piece I called, Old Patches.  It is one of the pieces I've enjoyed doing the most- fun and of a subject that really pulls at me.  Then I tucked it away and forgot about it.  Today while compiling photos of paintings from the last two years, this one came onto the screen and I decided to get it out and take another look.

How it looked when I pulled it out to look
Watercolor paints tend to lighten as they dry, but this painting was really light.  It couldn't hurt to darken up a few areas, so I decided to beef it up in spots.  Increasing the value contrasts in the shadow areas and bringing up the color in the foreground would give it more impact.

Here's a detail of one spot where I increased the value.  While not a big change, I'm surprised at how much punch the changes give the painting.  Sometimes I just have to go back when my eyes aren't used to seeing something and give it another look.  I'm glad I did on this, it made a difference.
How it looks now.  Subtle changes, but important. 
This one won't go back in the finished file for awhile because it's keeping me company in the studio. Like an old friend, cozy and friendly.

Thanks for stopping by! Alice

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