Saturday, April 28, 2018

Minimalism Isn't For Sissies

Everywhere I turn these days I am seeing posts and articles about decluttering my life, home, office- you name it- and living a minimalistic life.  I love the idea, in fact, we are trying to get ready to cut down from a 2,000 square foot home with an acre and a half of garden and outbuildings to a 900 square foot house with no outbuildings.  A fabulous concept!  The more I study the notion, the more converted I become.

This is what decluttering looks like??  Sunny afternoon, some great music and some chocolate to smooth the road- what a nice way to spend Saturday! Let's do this "thang." 
The minimalist champions make it seem so and simple.  It's the pathway to happiness; just toss out all the stuff you don't absolutely love- say, in one afternoon- and Ta Da, you have an easier, happier life. Where do I sign up? Here's where I signed up- my house. Rats.  Not the Pinterest world, nor the Better Homes and Gardens world either.  Darn it.  It's actually more like the-Clampetts-are-doing-Spring-cleaning-world, and they are mortified at how much junk they have.  Not to mention dust.  Really, let's not mention it...

If you know me well, you'll know this reduction in clothes is shocking.  And, it's still like this a whole week later! I'm so proud. And surprised.   

Today I began tackling my studio.  Last week was my closet.  That was fun, this was horrid!  Just because one has an empty spot on a shelf or under a desk doesn't mean one must fill it up, trust me on this.  Don't know what to do with that little packet of paper scraps someone gave you? If you're like me, tuck that sucker out of sight and get on with the business of life.  Genius.  Till it's time to decide whether it's worth keeping.  This is not easy, as the terrible question arises, "What if I toss it out and then one of these days need an entire packet of tiny paper scraps?"

THIS.  This is actually what decluttering looks like.  It's ugly, it's mean and just gets worse the harder one works. The deeper I digs, the more I finds!  
My brother-in-law is a wonderfully practical man.  His answer to my question about that dratted packet of paper would be, "Oh no, and then what?"  Oh, right.  I'd cut up some more and all would be right with the world.  Okay, this brings everything back down to size.  So what?  Just because I possess something doesn't mean it gets to own me. Even art supplies, and that's big, kiddos.  

So, I did conquer the studio part of the room.  The computer desk in the corner, however...  another day.  
Although I've only conquered two of the 10 rooms I have to complete, I have to admit I am feeling lighter.  What will life be like with only half of my possessions to be slave to?  Will I want to cut down some more?  WHAT IF THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF MY OWN, PERSONAL WALDEN?  Cool.  Maybe I don't hate cleaning and sorting after all.  Okay, I still do, but let's just say it's probably worth it.

Thanks for stopping by! Alice