Sunday, May 31, 2015

Taking Back Control

It doesn't take Mother Nature long to take back cleared ground or an abandoned house; it's just the way things are designed.  My eyebrows grow back after I've plucked the dang things faster every time and my kitchen can get dirty all by itself when I'm not even looking.  Really!

Sadly, its not any different in my studio.  In a few short weeks, it has become the place to pile things we plan to put away on our next trip to the shed or the stuff we are scampering like crazy to hide when someone knocks on the door.  (yes, I admit it, I am a stacker of things)  My several weeks long absence from this beloved space has left me with a dust bunny, centipede heaven.  Fortunately, (hopefully?) the centipedes are dead ones, but still not fun to find lurking behind a pile of books.

A small, but accurate sample of the disaster.  
Saturday is the day I take back my space.  The baby chile plants will have to live elsewhere, which means in the garden, where they belong and the long overdue trip to the shed happens, too.  Of course there is a prize at the end.  Besides the bacon, lettuce, tomato and jalepeno sandwich I promised myself, I'll have a place I don't walk into and turn right back around and walk out of again.  A space I can use to lay out lesson plans as I work on them and my art table-- dusted and ready to sit down to at a moment's notice.
Inviting me once again.  It may take a bit of time to get back up to speed, but it's coming to me bit by bit; I can feel it! 

The sun is coming out from behind the clouds here in Alice-Land and it feels great!  Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


How do people do it?  I mean, how does one work full-time at a demanding job and still find time to create and imagine and dream?  I was sure I could when I accepted a job recently.  I figured after I adjusted to the job and the very demanding task of learning to handle all the new skills I would still have nights and weekends to spend in the studio.  Right?  Right??

Boy, was I wrong!  It has been a big learning experience for me.  I have some of the coolest co-workers around, with plenty of room to make the job my own and great support.  What I don't have is enough of me left by the time I come home for anything that calls for creativity or energy.  How do others deal with this?  I am filled with admiration for those who manage to juggle family, jobs and their artistic lives.  It's been a dark time in my life, with little joy or satisfaction, but we don't quit! Right? Sigh...

Me, with a favorite customer. I've met cool people and seen some interesting things and learned a ton about myself.
And then suddenly, out of the blue has come a chance to spend my days in a way that the very idea of fills me with delight!  I've been offered a job as the elementary art teacher at the local school.  Of course, I accepted and then signed the contract so fast it almost caught on fire.  A chance to use my art skills and share them with others?  Heck yes!  I'll start in August, with the summer weeks to give me time to be prepared to teach 7 classes each day.  What a challenge, what a chance, what FUN.  This feels right.  Just right.  I am sure there will be challenges, but what worthwhile thing doesn't have those?  Right?

I'm up to this.  I am going to be good at this, right??

RIGHT!  (she said a bit nervously, with a little thrill in her tummy)

The view from my little hammock, which is where great ideas come from. (Well, you know, besides in the shower..) Here's to more hammock time and some new inspiration!