Saturday, April 18, 2015

It Only Took 5 Weeks

One thing I hoped I could do when I agreed to take on a full-time job a few weeks ago was paint in the evenings or early mornings.  So far that hasn't been possible.  However, today I finally have a whole day of my own to choose what I want to do with.  I feel rich!
Gates, old doors and windows draw my imagination, making me want to explore what is behind them. This one was the entrance to an old cemetery, drawing me in and keeping me there for some time.  
Working on this piece from a memory and some photos of the San Miguel Mission in California, I've been remembering our visit there this past summer and how much I enjoyed seeing it and the feelings the old place stirred in me.  Standing in my bathrobe and flip flops this morning, hair standing on end while the birds sang outside my windows this morning, I got lost in the work.  What a peaceful way to start a day off.  I hope you have a grand Saturday.  I'm off to seek some adventure.

Thanks for spending a few minutes on Watercolorit today!  Alice

Friday, April 10, 2015

I Needed That!

I began a very challenging new job 4 weeks ago.  Thinking it'd take a week or two before I'd be painting again, I optimistically declared I'd be taking a week to get my feet under me and then I'd be back blogging again.  Ha!  Little did I know how much of me tackling the new skills would take.
Unused rooms become repositories of junk..

Today, however, I decided when I woke up stressed out over things at work at 4:00am I would excavate my studio instead of making endless lists that I'll just run out the door and leave on the side table in my haste to get to work early anyway.  It's pretty amazing how bad this place got in a month.  I had baby tomato plants on every surface, a box of photo frames I dragged out of storage for some crazy reason, flanked by piles of papers ready to prepare our taxes. (any day now) The mending pile on my sewing machine looked like it grew there, some organic, dust covered mass, ready to grow moss and offer a comfy seat to passing hikers.

My geranium seems to have become lonely in my absence, growing 4 foot long arms as though looking for a hug and some company.
I started out doing the job like I was tackling hated chores.  Funny, though, sorting and tossing and dusting the mess has calmed me and I feel like I can tackle the day.  I had forgotten that A. My studio is always a refuge to me and B. I have to live life outside of work in order to have balance.  What a relief to my over-burdened mind!  Maybe I can even steal an hour here and there to paint again.  I feel like dancing a jig!  Of course, I'd probably trip over the pile of stuff in the middle of the floor waiting to go to the dump if I did..

A small sampling of tomato plants preparing to become a jungle in my studio
No matter, life is getting good again!  Thanks for stopping by.  Alice