Tuesday, March 27, 2018

My Travel Art Kit To The Rescue, Sort Of

Friday evening my husband and I were hauling a load of stuff to Arizona, him in front towing our camp trailer and me behind in my car.  Just before we got to the crazy switchbacks on what our grandkids call, "oh no, not the sick road!" the ball joint on his truck failed and his front wheel came off!  At 55 miles per hour, that is a scary event.
Miraculously, the truck landed on its own tire.  The only other casualty was a missing tail light- he was blessed for sure.   

Without all the boring details, I'll just say it turned in to a long evening/night waiting for our help to arrive.  While my man prepared the truck for towing, something I swear he enjoyed once the shock wore off, I dug out my trusty travel kit full of art supplies and settled down to draw.  After I realized all would be okay, I have to admit the thought of enforced quiet time gave me a thrill.  I hid it well, but now you know.  That's how crazy life has been- a catastrophe was the only way to get a little quiet time.  My husband's beloved truck has a disaster and all I can think is, "At last, some peace and quiet!" I'm awful, I know...
The one thing I managed to get into my sketch journal.  

Quiet time, did I say? We just happened to break down right in front of the spot a hermit chose to live/camp, one with no car and no close neighbors for company and plenty to visit about, including, ironically, how he loved living in the middle of no place, away from people with his (lonesome) dog.  His VERY lonesome dog. My poor husband bore the brunt of it because, like the supportive wife I am, I snuck off to the car to hide.  However, I did get in one fast sketch of the countryside around us to remind me of the close call my sweetheart had and the very social, unsocial man with the insistent doggie.

Thanks for stopping by- Alice

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Seeds And Cells

This was a liberating painting to create.  I drew what I felt like, put what ever color where and how I wanted it and enjoyed the process.  Hmm, sounds like a good recipe for every painting!
Seeds and Cells
Watercolor on paper
14" x 20"

As I painted, I thought about spring, new life, new beginnings and the ever rolling current of growth and change that flows through all of us.  Even though life is an ever changing pattern, there are cycles that are never changing, like seasons and tides, the turning of the earth and death and renewal.  I rather enjoyed this.

Thanks for stopping by! Alice