Thursday, February 4, 2016

Artist Destination- Tamaya Resort

One fun thing about going to conferences is getting to see new places. This time the state secured lodging at Tamaya Resort and Spa, belonging to the Santa Ana Pueblo tribe. Now, bear in mind that our idea of a fancy hotel is which ever one has the best rates/reviews and a free breakfast on Travelocity. That said, for an artistically inspiring destination, this place has what it takes. 

Located away from town, there's a solitude that gives one the sense of getting away from it all. Well, you know, except for the gift shop, boutiques, and all the trappings that go with luxury travel destinations. There is also the considerable distance away one must park if not using the valet. Combined with the long hike across poorly lighted parking, dragging a suitcase, the first impression one gets is punishment for not wanting to pay for and tip Mr. Valet. 
(The poor photography comes from blogging on a cell phone. My apologies..)

All is forgiven, though, when entering the lobby. Built to give a sense of pueblo architecture and historic New Mexico style, it delivers in spades. This place is filled with a nice blend of regional modern furniture and antiques that are the perfect foils for the art displayed generously throughout the place. 
Vintage hand-woven rugs, hung behind glass, are everywhere. Modern ones adorn hand-carved tabletops. There are a wealth of these weavings in each area of the hotel. Where there aren't textiles hanging, there are paintings and photographs. As I toured the different floors and halls, I felt I was in a private gallery. 
Even a minor exit has a great selection of paintings hung around it. Tomorrow morning I may be late to the meeting. I need to spend a little daylight time here soaking up a bit more inspiration! 

Thanks for stopping by- Alice 


RH Carpenter said...

Looks wonderful! I love a place that has good art on the walls and weavings, too are a bonus. Sounds like it was set up for the valet parking, though, too bad those of us who feel it unnecessary (and possibly even unsafe - I've seen too many murder mysteries!) to give someone else our car keys have to pay extra in a long haul with our suitcases.

Alice Jo Webb said...

The meetings I attended didn't inspire me nearly as much as the great stuff at the hotel did.