Friday, February 19, 2016

Little Red Dog

One of the teachers I work with is Mr. Woodard.  He is a great guy and very good with the kids.  He's also an artist at heart. A few days ago I told him we would be doing prints in art class this week and gave him some supplies- just in case he wanted to make one, too. I wanted the kids to see it as more than just something for students to do and he didn't let me down!
Mr. Woodard's little red dog, a portrait of his beloved pet
Today, just as the 8th graders were coming into class, Mr. Woodard came in with his design.  The timing was perfect.  We made a print of his plate as a demonstration for the class to see how printmaking works.  When Mr. Woodard pulled the paper off of his plate, the students oohed and ahhed and immediately wanted to try it.  Several even stayed after school to make more.  And it was fun. And it is Friday.  And life is good.

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