Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tiny House

Recently I posted about reducing our lifestyle. Since then, we found a little house. Maybe it found us, but whether it's going to turn out to be a blessing remains to be seen. Really, how much house can one reasonably expect for less than $5,000?
We weren't actively looking, still just dreaming when this more or less fell into our laps. We bought it, but my remodeling professional (aka my spouse) is still questioning our wisdom. 
Now, understand, this is his speciality- taking old trashed houses and turning them to treasures- but this one is going to be a project like no other. It's trashed. 
Now and then I'll be posting pictures of our progress. Although this isn't a painting or weaving, what he does with an old house is an art. What we end up with will likely be pretty great. All 900 square feet of it! 

Thanks for stopping by- Alice


Sylvia Pack said...

Can't wait to see the progress!

Alice Jo Webb said...

Me too!

Marquette said...

I'm excited to see the progress (knowing what Tom can do with a house remodel, well what the both of you can do with a house remodel)! I wish I could see pictures of our 650 square foot place before they remodeled it...when it had degenerated into a chicken coop. We're told the difference from then to now is pretty amazing. It's fun to see what people can do with a place!

Alice Jo Webb said...

There is something fascinating in watching something that appeared worthless become what it had the potential to be all along.