Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Thumbnail Sketch

There are some aspects in my plan for the watercolor I've been working on that I haven't been totally sure about.  I decided to try a thumbnail out on the iPad to see if I liked my plan or needed to change it before I got any further along.

The best part of the Pencil tool by 53 is being able to smudge/smear the drawing surface.  
Using the same app I've been playing with, Paper by 53, I spent some time on it this weekend.  Here's the great part- I did it in my bed.  I admit, I've worked on sketches sitting in the middle of an unmade bed before, but there are usually watercolor spatters on the bedding when I'm done.  My husband rolls his eyes and makes sure there aren't any wet spots on his side before getting in.. (What?  You think I'd spill on my side??)  So, now I have a thumbnail that helped me make a plan I like, a clean/dry bed and I was warm under the covers the whole time.  Win win, don't you think?  

Thanks for stopping by! Alice

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