Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Dinosaur At Twilight

For having had low expectations and a bad attitude at the start of this piece, it turned out better than I thought it would.  Of course, there's a long way to go till I can say I am a landscape painter, but each try is a step on that journey.

The Dinosaur
18" x 24"
Watercolor on paper
Here in the southwest, solar-powered systems are replacing windmills for pumping water out in the open country.  We don't have streams or ponds for the most part, so getting water to the cattle is a matter of deep wells and algae-lined troughs.  I grew up in windmill country and love the creaking/clanking sounds they made and their silhouettes against the amazing skies.  I remember getting drinks with the tin cup that was kept hanging on a bit of baling wire from the frame.  It was cool and fresh on hot days. This painting is a remembrance of those memories.   


RH Carpenter said...

Not everyone can be a landscape artist, but I think you did a fine job on this landscape with a nice memory displayed. I, too, miss old things (is that a sign of aging? ha ha) that will be just memories soon.

Alice Jo Webb said...

Sp far, aging is a good thing! I don't really think I was born to be a landscape artist but I yearn to be one! I'll settle for competent one of these days.

Anna Lisa Leal said...

I think your psychedelic mess turned out quite nicely! I like it! I have a mentor who tells me "we have to learn to paint past the ugly stage; usually every painting has one."

Alice Jo Webb said...

Hmm, I think your mentor is right! Some of them never outgrow it, sadly!