Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Big Reveal

When I'm using mask on a cactus painting, I never quite know what I've got or if I've managed to get the look I'm after until it's time to take it off.  The paint adds up on the mask, further obscuring the shapes I've protected with it.

The color covering the mask keeps the picture plane looking flat...

By the time all of the layers of paint are on and it's time to start adding shadows, I usually decide what I've done is ugly and I'm pretty sure was a waste of time.  

and dull

The shapes I wanted to pop forward on the paper don't and even the eye candy reds are just sort of bleh.  Then, I get the mask off and suddenly can see that the piece is probably going to work after all and find myself fighting the frantic desire to finish the thing NOW!  I'm a mess.   

But the revealed white areas suddenly help the painting plane come to life

This morning finds me standing out in the studio in my bathrobe and slippers, my hair looking like it belongs to some exotic chicken and not even realizing I skipped breakfast.  I look up and realize I've been out here for two hours when all I meant to do was come take a look at the current painting before I started the morning routine.  I got stuck.  

Now that the big reveal is done, I'll go get dressed and grab something to eat and slow myself down before I come back out to cross the finish line on this one.  I hope you have a wonderful day!  


Juliana Wallace said...

That is so cool! I love those times when I get lost in the creative process in my PJs.

Alice Jo Webb said...

Working in the zone!