Sunday, January 11, 2015

I've Seen The (Lamp) Light

We have a little hidey hole we built years ago.  It is pretty primitive which is probably why we love it so. No phones.  No electricity.  No water without a trip down the hill to the well. One of us will ask, "you want to go to the hill?" and both know it's time for a break from our normal gig.  Someday we'll live there full time, but for now it's a nice refuge.

I love my collection of old oil lamps
We were there Friday night.  Sitting by the wood stove with a coleman lantern for light, I spent an hour before bedtime with my sketchbook, winding down and processing my thoughts.  If the world discovered the joy and peace that comes from journaling with words and art, therapists would see a sharp decline in clients.   If you don't have a little notebook to love, it might be time to get one!

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