Friday, January 16, 2015

Hit the Re-set Button

Knowing I had to get out of the silly slump I was in earlier this week, I went on a wander yesterday.  For me, spending time in the wild places of the world is the fastest cure to the blues.  Getting outside gives my spirit a boost somehow, helping me see myself and life in perspective again.  It's like someone hit a re-set button in my mind.

I used my large Moleskine watercolor book for this,  8" x 11", my view from the wash bottom

Sitting down in a sandy wash for shelter from the cold wind, I watched the long grasses blow across the hillsides like waves of water.  The grass is tall and thick this winter and a beautiful shade of yellow, while the cattle across the ranges are fat and sleek.  What a peaceful place, miles from any traffic or noise.  I feel one hundred percent better this morning and like a painter who needs some time in the studio!  Yep, "George is back on top again!"  (From the film, Oh Brother Where Art Thou)


Juliana Wallace said...

Yay for a good walk and feeling back on top!!!

Alice Jo Webb said...

Yep, and no ice cream was harmed in the making of this post!

Jo Castillo said...

Well, I posted on the previous post instead of this one. I like this sketch. Ha. I like the windmill start, too. Guess my mind was in Arizona.

Alice Jo Webb said...

Jo, thanks for stopping by no matter where you post!