Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fruitful Day

Yesterday was productive in the studio and the wood shop.  These are some of my favorite days; our work spaces are next door to each other so we share a busy companionship while we work on projects.  I've been trying to get a re-do finished of a piece I did in October, Crowning Glory while Tom has been working on book shelves for all of our married kids.  

Sun Kissed
Watercolor on paper
22" x 30"

The painting is finished and the first two book cases are drying in my studio where it's warmer.  Tom is tired of bookcases and I am tired of cactus! (Probably won't last..) I think I'll move on and try other things for awhile- he has 3 more book cases to go, poor guy.   

Made of pine, this bookcase is roughly 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide.  The wood came from trees burned in the Wallow Fire in Arizona and has a nice, blue stain in the grain.  


Anna Lisa Leal said...

Love those colors!!!

Alice Jo Webb said...

Thanks. I've always been a fan of underpainting, but with this I've realized there are times it doesn't add anything to the painting. This subject was much better the second time around with only white paper underneath.