Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Do You Hide?

Well, I do.  Regularly.  It's not that I don't like people because I do.  I love them- lots of them, in fact. However, when the chips are down and I have to decide whether to go to a social event or stay home in my studio, I'd rather stay home.  Trying to explain this, or even understand it is beyond me.

I had to laugh recently when I came across the following:

“The poet, the artist, the sleuth - whoever sharpens our perception tends to be antisocial; rarely "well-adjusted", he cannot go along with currents and trends. A strange bond often exists between antisocial types in their power to see environments as they really are. This need to interface, to confront environments with a certain antisocial power is manifest in the famous story "The Emperor's New Clothes".” ― Marshall McLuhanThe Medium is the Massage

The Emperor's New Clothes has been the drum I've beaten regularly for years as I look at the world of art critics and prestigious galleries- or anywhere else a herd mentality reigns.  Although the quote is thought provoking and interesting to me, I'm not convinced yet that it's totally right.  It implies a certain self-superiority of perception that the creative mind has and most artistic people I love are more humble than supercilious.  I think...   See, I am not 100% sure on this one yet.  

I want a bit of an abstracted look to this. Not sure if I can leave the details alone or not.  
How do I know if I'm just someone who would rather not bother with socializing because being home is more fun, instead of a social snob who holds herself aloof from the "those people?"  These thoughts are what I've been mulling over as I sit in the studio trying to figure out how to paint the stinking Grand Canyon.  Maybe that's the trouble here; I'm thinking too much and not just letting this one happen.  Whatever it is, I am going to leave off and go hide some more.  Perfect way to spend an evening!  

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RH Carpenter said...

I tend to hide, too, away from openings, competitions, etc., and ask myself, Am I just better alone or am I feeling better than those people? I think we often ask ourselves that. And the less I'm around people, the less I feel comfortable around people, tending to talk too much or not at all! We need our time alone to paint and create and thing about creating, but need to eyes of other people on our work, too - which is why we blog! ha ha

Alice Jo Webb said...

Good point! We aren't completely hopeless, then..