Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Cactus Saga Continues..

It has been a heck of day.  The house looks like the huns have been through it. Twice.  Sacked, and pillaged.  However, no bones have been broken and all grandchildren are accounted for.  The extra dog and our dim kitty have not killed each other, more's the pity, and we are through one more day of the week-long overnighter.  I'm not whimpering, but it's not bedtime yet, either.

A small sampling of the studio.  Every surface..
Actually, the kids are adorable, but they are active and, as I pointed out yesterday, there are nearly 2,000 of them.  We love the darling things.  We are too old to raise kids, however.  My goals for the day were to survive and hopefully get the greens all dropped into the painting by bedtime tonight.  The only way that finally happened was by 1. allowing the children free-run of the place and 2. finally getting some watercolors out with a whole ream of paper and the old brushes and ignoring the mess.  Finally, the greens are in and the kids are in the back yard running.  Now that I have the cacti shapes painted, I am wondering if I need more cacti and less rock.  I'll have to sleep on it.  I wouldn't mind some opinions on this other than my own.  I'm too tired to know anything.

Behind the cacti shapes will be sky and a suggestion of the rocks they grow out of.  Not sure if I like this arrangement. Might need more cacti, less rock.  Not at all sure.  
Thanks for stopping by! Alice


RH Carpenter said...

Well, you had me laughing at your predicament with the Huns sacking the house! Yes, you have to just ignore the mess and deal with it when they're gone :) Glad you got some greens in...looking fantastic. I like the idea of sky and rock but am not happy with where the rock cuts the red flower to the top left area...maybe make the rocks come in lower, playing off the greens and then make the sky that NM turquoise sky against the red flowers? Just a suggestion. I know, when you get some rest, you'll have it all figured out.

Anna Lisa Leal said...

I agree with RH - maybe model the colors/lines for maximum impact. I have a friend who takes swatches of other colors and moves them around before painting. Also, maybe, take a picture and play with it digitally first to model what you do.

Definitely enough cacti and flowers. The turquoise sky will look awesome w/the red and maybe that's done w/key focus flowers vs all? In keeping it realistic, understand those rock lines and overall design can get interesting.....

Alice Jo Webb said...

Thanks for the ideas. I started the rock area on the far right today and am going to have to put the whole thing into a drawer for a few days. Not sure why this feels life or death-ish to me, but I get so tied up in them that if they look like they might fail I despair!! LOL