Monday, July 27, 2015

Disaster Strikes. Twice.

Sitting down this afternoon to begin the rock-patterned background on my current painting, disaster struck.  After thinking about it for a few days I had decided to move the line on the left. Grabbing my white eraser, (the one I've been using for a long time) I began to erase.  Except, it didn't erase! That white eraser began to rub off into the tooth of the paper, smearing graphite in with the sticky sludge and making a dark, grey mess.  I sat at the table in shock.  What do you do when you've put so many hours and effort into a large piece?  Quit and start again?  Bawl like a baby?  Pitch a wall-eyed fit?

This is what is left of the eraser smudge in the bottom, left corner.  Much darker in real life and gooey to boot.  
After calming down a bit, I got my brown gum eraser out and began to work the mess over. That's the point the next mistake happened.  Brushing my hand lightly over the eraser crumbles to get them off of the paper, I whisked across a wet area and pulled a bit of Pthalo Blue across what was to be the sky and made nice, permanent blue lines.  Using clean water and a paper towel I was able to tone the dang things down, but they're still there.  Time to hyperventilate?  Possibly..
Being Pthalo Blue, anything lighter in value that goes over won't hide it.  By default, whatever goes in that space will have to be something dark and nearly opaque.

My husband came through the studio and saw my, um, dismay.  He calmly told me he was sure I'd fix it and that what ever I figured out would look great.  Have I mentioned lately what a great guy I am married to?  Well, I am.  He managed to snap me out of the, "I'm an idiot and have ruined not only my painting, but possibly the rest of my life" silliness and into "Now what?" mode.  I still don't know now what, but I have the beginnings of an idea.  I'll sleep on it and try to tackle it tomorrow.  Tonight, however, I've had enough.  I will be under my bed with a carton of ice cream.  Maybe the jar of caramel sauce, too.

Where the painting stands now.  I'm out of this studio till I've had a bit of sleep and perspective.  Tomorrow is another day.
Thanks for stopping by!  Alice


RH Carpenter said...

I know you will make the best of this and that grey rock color and texture will hide those blue marks, I'm sure. And everyone will be focused on those gorgeous red flowers!!

Alice Jo Webb said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I sure hope so... letting it sit for a day.