Monday, July 20, 2015

Dropping in the Greens

It's time for the cactus shapes to get some color.  As tight and carefully controlled as the blossom areas have been, the little cactus shapes are a place I can loosen up in and let the colors 'do their thing.'  This part is going more quickly than the blossom bits and has been fun to do.  A mixture of Pthalo Blue, New Gamboge and Cadmium Red, the greens can be varied from deep bluish green to an olive tone.  I don't want them to be as powerful as the blossom shapes, so they are fairly monotone.

The masked needle shapes are going to push the greens back.  I hope.
Although there are about 2,000 grandchildren running amok through my house today, I did get some work done.  It's very fun to have the kids around, but it is also very busy.  Very.  By the end of this week, all of them will have been here.  If I can get this thing wrapped up by Friday it will be a miracle of Biblical proportions.

Worried at first that the deep greens would keep the reds from popping forward, it's looking like they'll work like I had planned.  Yay!  

Thanks for stopping by!  Alice

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