Monday, December 21, 2015

Paper by 53

A whole week has gone by since I posted??  I swear, it felt like 6 months.  This week, I got through my first finals as a teacher, posting 315 student grades and the extreme excitement that goes through school the last few weeks before a break.  Without harming myself or anyone else.  It's a Christmas miracle.  Today is the first official day of break; the day I woke up and thought, "I don't have to go to work today!"  Who knew teaching school would suck the life right out of me?  Well, I guess teachers all over the earth could have told me that..

First try with it.  Wonky, but this app has great possibilities
However, while sitting in the recliner with my iPad, I began to play with a new app, Paper, by 53.  Awhile back I downloaded a few creative apps and played around with them. (see here for a post about digital sketching) While they were fun to dink around with, I didn't really get into the spirit of it for long.  Too many other things to do.  I've meant to get back to learning this but haven't had the time till this morning.

Thought I'd see what a zentangle would be like on Paper.  The tools made this quite enjoyable!  
This app is different than the others I played with, Sketchbook Express and Bamboo Paper.  It is very minimalistic, making the important part the project I'm working on, not the tools.  The watercolor brush tool and color mixing tool are easy to figure out, while the marks by the pencil tool look just like the mark a "real" pencil would make.  I enjoyed playing around with this one and have their cool new stylus, Pencil by 53 coming along from Amazon.  (Thank you, favorite daughter) I'll post more about it as I learn, but have to give this app and technique a tentative thumbs up.  If you have played around with it, or try it after reading this, I'd love to hear about your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by! Alice

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RH Carpenter said...

Looks like you'll be exploring this more during your holiday break - enjoy and Merry Christmas!