Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Flower Lady

Today, in Tumacacori, AZ at the site of the old mission there, I met a lady who makes flowers.  Beautiful, bright paper flowers.  She showed me how to make them and chattered away to me in Spanish about making a tea from pomegranates for my stomach, invited me to her house and told me how many years she's been making her wonderful flower creations.  I am a marginal Spanish speaker, so I only caught about half of what she told me, but I loved her instantly.

Teaching me to make flowers out of crepe paper, homemade paste and a love of beauty

Here is a short video of her process.  Her work-worn hands are beautiful.  They not only taught me about her art, but made a valentine for everyone who stopped by her table to visit or buy flowers.

I bought three flowers from her.  If I'd have had more cash on me, I'd have bought dozens of them!  Happy valentines day!  

The flowers I purchased from her today; rose, zinnia and chrysanthemum 

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