Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Prints; Who Knew?

So- I'm getting some of my paintings reproduced as prints.  I figured this process was going to be a snap; you know, get some good photos, send them off, print them out and- bingo! - you have prints! Then you hold them up and say, "Ta Da!!"  Silly me.  

This image printed almost exactly like it's parent piece
The original

Some of the images printed out just about that simply, the colors reproduced beautifully and nearly exact to their originals.  The big surprise for me however, was that the paintings I assumed would be the most striking as prints are not as eye catching as the ones I didn't think would look as good.  I have so much to learn about this whole side of the art world!  

This print is considerably more orange in tone 

The original

Surprisingly, there isn't a lot of information out there to guide one through this process.  For example, did you know a giclee' print is another way of saying 'ink jet?'  (Thank you, Q. for that tip!) As I have been looking at website after website of online printing companies, I find that the word giclee' seems to be an excuse for a whale of a lot more money than plain old ink jet.    

The print...
The painting

Another side of this that I didn't realize would be an issue is my reaction to selling prints.  I find myself worrying that my customers will be disappointed in them after they receive their purchases.  What if someone hates their new picture??  Hmmm, silly, I know.  But for some reason, happening.  

As I travel this road of creating art, learning to write about what I'm doing and putting it all out for people to see (and hopefully buy), I realize I will probably still be going down new paths for a long time.  The multi-faceted world of art is a new and changing place every day.  No wonder people get addicted to it!   Thanks for stopping by and have a sweet day.  Alice


Anna Lisa Leal said...

Great timing on this post! I've also been thinking about the print option - so this is fabulous information! Thank you for taking the time to share and post the comparison photos!

Alice Jo Webb said...

I'm excited for you! It's a fun thing to think about all the ways to use digital images. Love the bird yesterday, by the way.