Thursday, February 26, 2015

Field Sketching Day

I had tons to do on Thursday and was in the process of getting them done when my husband stuck his head in the door and asked if I wanted to run out to the barn building project with him.  Of course, I dropped everything, grabbed my bag and was ready to go.  I have no problems throwing off inside work on a beautiful day, particularly when a bacon, green chile cheese burger at the Rodeo Grocery is being offered. I can be bought..

Behind the Barn, 8" x 12"
Pine covered mountains to the south of me and rocky desert peaks to the north; a perfect place to spend the day
It's nearly an hour from our house, but the drive is through some beautiful country and the company is good.  Earlier this week it was cold and spitting at us outside; now here we are in the low 70's again.  Our winters are pretty great, sorry to all of you still waiting for the snow to go away.  You'll be happy not to be here during the summer, I promise.

Split Rock in the late afternoon- the cattle are fat and shiny on their diets of thick grass, but if we don't get some serious spring rains, this could all burn again this summer.   
I keep coming back to this same theme in my field work, but I think it's getting better.  Before too long maybe I'll be brave enough to try the canyon views out in a full sized painting.  In the meantime, a stolen sunny afternoon now and then to work outside there feels like a gift.

Come back again!  Alice

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