Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sycamore Landscape

I'm spending a few days in the Chiricahua Mountains. It's take your-wife-to-work week. My husband is building a barn for a local rancher and I get to hike and paint to my heart's content. Here in the southwest, winter days are cold and windy now and then, but we get plenty of bright, sunny days, too. In the mid seventies this week, it's the perfect time to be outside painting.

23" x 8"
Winter Sycamores

This piece is in my large Moleskine watercolor sketchbook. The paper is pretty nice to work on and handles the paint well.  Working on location makes landscape painting a joyful experience. So, I'm off to find another spot to work!  

Thanks for stopping by. 


Anna Lisa Leal said...

This is a lovely composition and palette! Really like this

Alice Jo Webb said...