Friday, August 7, 2015

A. Webb, Reporting In

Been a crazy week- working on classrooms and sorting supplies.  The kids haven't even arrived and this old gal is already pooped.  I've been trying to make the Jr. High art room a little less typical school-classroom and more studio like.
Taken with my cell phone which doesn't know from different light sources.  Curtains made from an old bed sheet and paper stained glass worked out for just the right touch.  

The community where I'll be teaching is a very poor one.  The kids have likely never been to a museum or gallery before and so for me this is a great chance to expose them to the wonderful world of the arts.  State standards require me to find the places in the community which display art and help the students visit those places.  That one had me laughing; in this town only the bank has a few paintings hung.  That's it.  The medical clinic has some monochromatic weavings hung from a very high ceiling that might be considered art if one were desperate.  It's obvious that nobody in the Department of Education has ever left Santa Fe to come check out rural New Mexico lately!!  LOL
When we talk about color mixing we will have examples over the windows to remind us of what we are learning.

One of the principles I want the kids to learn is color, so I made some tissue paper 'stained glass' this morning to put in the dreary metal windows above the doors into the classroom.  What I'd like to do before classes start next week is fill the room with different kinds of art to fuel discussion and let the kids see something besides photos of art.  Then, I'll remove it all and we'll get busy filling that room with color and design made by them.  I can't wait!

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