Wednesday, August 5, 2015

3:30 a.m.

The new job begins tomorrow. Classes will start next week.  Today I have to finish putting all of the art supplies away and filling out the order for the things I'll need this semester.  And I am awake.  Wide awake.

We will begin with self portraits of different levels.  Love this eye idea.  
It is possible I am too tired to sleep.  I've been hard at it for days, going through boxes, moving into my classrooms and trying to have everything ready so the first weeks aren't any more crazy than they have to be.  My legs ache and my mind is spinning with the things still left to do.  Making plans, making lists and making sleep impossible.

This makes me happy, an idea from my files that includes a frame.
Although this is a little stressful- becoming a school teacher with plenty of art experience but no real classroom management training- it's not as scary as it is exciting.  I am looking forward to sharing my love of art with young people.  I have worked with kids all of my life and they are enthusiastic about making things usually.  Meeting the ability levels of 9 grades and around 400 students will keep me hopping; maybe that's why I am awake...
Fabulous!  Thank goodness for Pinterest.  

So, for a few days my posts will be a bit sporadic.  I'm running as fast as I can and learning as I go.  But not sleeping.

Thanks for stopping by! Alice


RH Carpenter said...

Best of luck with your new classroom - hope all your students love art and have a great time :)

A. Webb said...

Thank you, Rhonda! I'm pretty excited about 'playing art' with my new friends.