Thursday, July 14, 2016

Contrast of Water-based Media

After I published yesterday's post I remembered the little sketch of Lone Rock I did last fall and had to get it out and compare. Done in transparent watercolors, it has the glow I love so much. 

It is clear that there's something about gouache that I am not getting. (Please forgive the photograph, I'm away from home) There are painters who are making great art with the blasted stuff and here I am, feeling like I might need painting special-ed. 

Here's the real question, though. Why figure out gouache when I love traditional watercolor so much? Why do I put myself through this sort of nonsense? One of life's great mysteries. But I do think it's time to put away the mud for now.....   Thank goodness. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Alice


RH Carpenter said...

It does look easier to make dull colors with gouache so maybe the trick is no layering, but just putting down the color and leaving it, adding another color beside it? I don't use it except for special projects or playing, so can't help you learn. But nothing will glow like watercolor and the top painting shows that :) No learning is wasted, though.

Alice Jo Webb said...

Good point, Rhonda. Instead of thinking in layers maybe think in a series of connected shapes. I may give it another go one of these days. Thanks for the comments!