Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Value of Contrast

Coming home from anywhere is always a relief.  Don't mistake me, I love going on adventures, but after being away for a week, the home country is a welcome sight.  We get what I call 'golden light' just before sunset now and then.  The setting sun turns the world an amazing shade of gold, lighting up details in the far hills that one might not normally notice.
Fall evening along the playa- welcoming us home

As we drove down the long, lonesome highway on the last leg of the trip, the sun welcomed us back with a golden evening.  The canyon country where we have been is dramatic and filled with light and color and deep shadows- I often long to be there, but the more subdued beauties of my own little place in the world were a lovely contrast to the eye-popping color of the Navajo lands.  There is beauty in contrast and often times subtle colors and shapes are made more interesting when compared with the drama of more intense ones.  I think this is true in many aspects of life- contrast gives us perspective.

Thanks for stopping by! Alice


Anna Lisa Leal said...

YUM! What delicious golds and purples!

Alice Jo Webb said...

Right? I could wear that scene.