Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Under the Fir

There aren't very many days anymore that I get to stay home all day.  This day, though was a stay at home sort of day.  The first thing in my mind when I awoke this morning was what colors I wanted to use in my latest painting.  It has been weeks since I got up raring to get out into the studio.  I must be getting adjusted to teaching to have the creative spark finally light a bit of a flame.  It was a satisfying day, putting paint on the canvas and playing with the values.  No pressure to perform, just letting the piece tell me what to put up next.
Under the Fir
Using the value map I already added, it's time to start laying in the color.

I have been fascinated by the work done by Canada's Group of Seven for months now.  I love the style they worked in and the colors they used.  This painting is very loosely inspired by their work.  If I can pull it off I'll be thrilled.  If not, I'll have learned something.  However it goes, I am determined to enjoy this, to have fun with it and see where it takes me.  One good thing about having a day job is the pressure seems to be off to impress with my studio work.  What a relief!  It is enough to paint for my  own creative pleasure- a very nice spot to be in.

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