Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another Loom

I've got a chance to buy a small folding floor loom.  It's not going to do huge projects, but it might be fun to have for small ones.  I'm going through the agony of deciding whether it's something I NEEEED or WAAANT.  It has been in storage, but a little clean up and some oil on the wood would make it as good as new.

It was made by "Tools of the Trade," and from what I can find in my research, is about 30 years old.  The guy who made these only made about 700, but everyone who owns one says they are still working great.  It's a neat design and as you can see, folds up for storage.  The price is very fair, and I would love to own/use this.

BUT, would I use it?  Is it just a need for a cool new toy?  I haven't even finished up my Navajo style loom or the tools for it yet, so why am I hankering after this one, you might ask?!  So might my long-suffering and patient husband…  I don't know, I just know that I had better let it ride for a day or so before I make a decision so that I make sure it's something I will use and not just feel guilty about.  

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