Monday, September 12, 2016

Art is Magic Sometimes

This afternoon I left work and headed straight home for my bed and some serious whining. I've caught a virus and felt pretty rotten the past few days.  However, after I got home, my brain wouldn't turn off and let me rest.  One can only go over lesson plans so many times before insanity sets in.  In an effort to get my mind going in a new rut I got my favorite inspirational book out, "Painters of Utah's Canyons and Deserts," and climbed into bed.
Pure eye-candy to me, this book can hold my mind for hours

Before very long I found myself out here in the studio looking through my photo files at records of canyon walls from trips we've taken.  I forgot I didn't feel well and got lost in the beautiful places I love.  In fact, I got so lost that here it is bedtime and I'm well on my way into a major project.
Drawing out canyon walls of my own.  Wish I could play hooky tomorrow and start dropping color into the paper!

So, as the enchantment subsides, my head aches again and it's time to stop for the night. Just looking at something that stirs me so deeply as these paintings has ignited a flame of inspiration and helped me forget my silly little woes for a few hours.  Art is powerful, and not only for those who view it.  It has magical abilities when at its best- and those who are captured by the spell to make it get to participate in that magic now and then.  And it feels lovely.

Thanks for stopping by! Alice


Anna Lisa Leal said...

I am so glad to 'hear' you say that painting helps 'quiet the woes'. I do the same, though sometimes I feel guilty for my escapism.

A. Webb said...

Don't you feel like guilt is an enemy? I do, but that doesn't stop me from having it now and then. It is counter-productive to work, body and spirit. When I find the formula for eliminating it, I'll post. Unless you find it first, then I'll be glad to hear it! Alice