Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Working Woman

Yep, what you're seeing is more of the same piece I've been trying to finish for nearly two weeks now.  I got up 30 minutes early today to see if I could get a good chunk of it finished.  30 minutes is just about the right amount of time to get warmed up and ready to paint!  

Beyond the Wall, beginning the detail work

Here's the dealio:  I've taken a job.  A real, live, grown up people sort of job.  After I get the new skills sets down I will be able to paint more, but for a week or so, I'll be running pretty hard.  The challenge with all of this will be to find balance between working full time and having energy left to paint.  Of course I'll be blogging about how that goes, so please stop by again soon and see how things are going.  Till then...  Alice 

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