Friday, March 13, 2015

Like a Turtle

Still working on 'Beyond the Wall' right now, but I seem to be dabbing and poking at it more than putting in long stretches of time needed to finish it.  Life keeps popping up having to be dealt with-taking my studio time and energy.  It tends to do that..

Progressing like a herd of turtles..
Posting progress of the piece right now is more for my benefit than anybody else's; it helps me see that I'm getting something done on it.  Nearly ready for the fun bits- the shadows and details, I hope to have a chance to sit down and get this one finished up this weekend.  Of course, that will depend on that always capricious wind of change I call my life.

I hope you're getting more done than I am!  Come back again, Alice


RH Carpenter said...

Looking good and so glad you conquered your fear of the dreaded green shrubbery!!

Alice Jo Webb said...

Boy, me too, Rhonda! Thanks for stopping by.