Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Wild and Wandering Webbs

And they're off!  Every now and then I get a wild hair and need to get out and about.  My sweetheart has the same affliction so it works out pretty well.  Otherwise he might think I was trying to get away, and then where would we be? If you think this is a good time to come visit us and take off with our valuables, good luck to you!  Please start with the dishwasher and don't forget your new cat.

Three travel palettes.  Only one can come; I'm working to pack light, remember?
Before I hunt down the camping gear or even begin the long process of deciding which shoes get to come along, I pack my art bag.  You never know, we might break down and I'd have several hours to crank out some fun work!  We have been trying to master the art of packing light since the kids left home and are getting pretty good at it.  We can stuff a tent, bedding, food, water and clothes into our little old Toyota Corolla with room to spare, which is a good thing because as lightly as I try to pack my art supplies I will still need more space for them than my shoes.  It's a burden for my poor husband.

An embarrassment of sketchbooks, my hoarded treasure.
As I decide which paint box to take along, I'm trying remember where my tiny #2 travel brush got used last.  How many sketchbooks will I need? Really need??  What if I take the wrong one and regret it later?  The really irritating thing is this- what if I don't use them at all?  Okay, I'm obsessing here, but this is important stuff, folks.  If we get spray cheese and saltines for supper what is that against forgetting a pencil?  A trifle.  Which actually sounds pretty yummy right now..

Thanks for coming to visit- stop by again soon!  Alice

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