Monday, December 22, 2014

My Little Space in the World

I love to peek into other people's studios and see their processes.  How they use their space is fascinating; kind of like driving through a neighborhood at night and looking into the lighted living rooms.  Artistic voyeurism?

Recently, I gave the studio a good going over, throwing out all of the useless debris of the past 4 semesters.  The walls are empty again and the floor is not a danger to any who dare to enter.  What a relief.

For all of you like-minded folks out there, here's a free peek into my painting studio; nothing fancy, but I love my space.

Other than the bathtub, this is the most inspiring place in my world.

Without North facing windows, I have to adjust the light myself.  I've found the blinds give me a good approximation of the steady North light.  

Notice the essentials closest to where I work: shelves with extra paint, tools and, on the top shelf, the emergency bag of chocolates.  You never know when the need will reach a critical point! I'm ready. 

My husband made my table; it can adjust for the angle I need.  This is the perfect angle for drawing and watercolor painting, and painting I am!  This has been a full and productive week.


Anna Lisa Leal said...

Thank you for sharing your space Alice Jo! Nice table your husband made for you..that's LOVE!

RH Carpenter said...

What a really nice and spacious studio - thanks for sharing!

Alice Jo Webb said...