Saturday, December 20, 2014

Barrel Cactus Redo

I painted the top view of a barrel cactus in October for the show, but was not entirely happy with how it turned out.  You can see the process here:

And here:

The main problem I had with it was my choice to under-paint the fruit area with a strong yellow.  It made it nearly impossible to get the value ranges I wanted in that area.  The whole painting ended up one value, and that's not my idea of good work.  This is the finished piece:

The first version, Crowning Glory, 30" tall by 41.5" wide
This picture was taken right after I finished it; after a few days of drying time, the colors faded a bit and made the painting a bit bleh.

Since I don't have another sheet of paper that large, I am doing the next one on a full sheet of Arches, 22" x 30."  Painting on white paper with no under-layer, I'm finding it easier to get the value ranges I want.  

I got so involved painting that I forgot to get photos of the beginning stages.  I love to lay the colors down beside each other and watch them blend on their own and got carried away!   

The colors I am mixing for this are more vivid, although when I'm closer to the end I'll be able to see if I need to grey them down a bit.  

Beginning to add the ripe fruit colors in the upper right corner

The value ranges are stronger since I'm laying the color down on white paper.  I am already happier with this.  

Progress, so far...

It will be exciting to see what shadows do to make the different areas pop out more.  However, I have a small commission to get done in the next couple of days so this one will have to wait till next week to get finished.  

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Anna Lisa Leal said...

I look forward to seeing this with the more vivid colors