Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Old Home Place

Procrastination is one of my strengths- I'm fairly skilled at it. Case in point: my uncle asked me a looong time ago to paint the ranch house he and his 11 siblings grew up in, sending a photo along with his request. As soon as I saw the picture, I went into procrastination-full-power mode and put it on the back burner. The very far back burner. Painting someone's memories is scary, folks, and this old photo didn't give me much to go on!

Finally, this week I decided I'd better just get going. Sigh... Over the last few days my Dad got quite a few phone calls from me as I've tried to work out the details. (Possibly the toughest sketch I've ever done) Fortunately, Dad loved living out on the ranch and was able to give me lots of help. All that's left to do now is deliver it to my uncle on Monday and hope it fulfills his expectations. And swear to myself that I won't put things like this off ANYMORE. Really!

Thanks for stopping by- Alice


RH Carpenter said...

You took a very dull photo and made it a place where one would want to visit. The chickens in the yard, the laundry on the line, the inviting gate leading to the house and that windmill :). Beautiful job. If you had rushed it you might not have done as nice a job as you did. All things in their time and I hope he loves it.

Alice Jo Webb said...

Things on the back burner do have a tendency to 'cook' better, don't they? Thank you!