Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Dr. Ph Martin's Bombay Inks

Several weeks ago I purchased a set of Dr. Ph Martin's Bombay Inks on a whim. As much as I've loved using black ink in under-paintings, I thought I'd give a colored ink under-painting a try. Yesterday was the day to give the idea a go.
The flower shape I was working on needed to be a bright, in-your-face red. Using deep red makes shadow areas harder to define so I did an underpainting with the Bombay shade, "Aqua," a nearly viridian shade of  green. It worked out beautifully. The ink was smooth, easy to use and dilute and accepted paint over the top well. I think it's a technique I'll be using again.
Thanks for stopping by! Alice


RH Carpenter said...

This is working out beautifully!!

Alice Jo Webb said...

Thanks, Rhonda keep your fingers crossed for me!