Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Painting the Poppies, Again..

Today is poppy day at the Webb house. Here is the first poppy shape getting color. It's a full sheet of watercolor paper so that's one giant blossom, but it has been pretty fun to do so far. We shall see, though... if anyone can bungle this it would be me. To be continued-

Thanks for stopping by! Alice


RH Carpenter said...

You’re too hard on yourself with what you think are “failures” which really are not! ha ha. This one is getting a good start and I hope you can keep some brightness (I always have a problem with reds getting duller, the more I add). Crossing my fingers for you for this big painting!

Alice Jo Webb said...

You're probaby right, but I know what I want them to look like and so often they don't match the madness in my head!!

Thanks, Rhonda