Saturday, May 6, 2017

Autumn On Lunt's Ranch

What a learning experience!  Copic markers are very fun to use, have great color saturation and blending properties and make drawing with color a delight.  And nobody is even paying me to say this!  
Autumn on the Old Lunt Ranch
Copic markers on cardstock
8.5" x 11"
One downside of these markers was pointed out by Rhonda in the comments on my last post- they are not lightfast.  There are no markers with lightfast properties as of yet.  That's okay, though because what I plan to make with the Copics will be digitized.  This piece is muted because this old house is muted, almost as though it has grown into the earth.  I am looking forward to letting the colors of the Copics go wild one of these days, but the limited nature of the palette I used here was a challenge I enjoyed.  The values get to be the stars.  Until next time-

Thanks for stopping by! Alice   


RH Carpenter said...

Absolutely no reason you couldn't use these, then make cards or small prints from them. I like where it's going.

Alice Jo Webb said...

Thanks, Rhonda!