Monday, November 17, 2014

Art Journey America; Landscapes

Whenever I have taken an art class and all of the final work is set out for critique, I never fail to be amazed by all of the different styles lined up for review.  When each student draws or paints the same thing, each piece is still very different, showing the unique styles of the artists who made the works.  After a few classes, one can look at the work being produced and pick out who made what pieces as personal styles become more apparent. To me, this is one of the most fascinating aspects of the world of fine art.

My worn copy; I think even the cover of this book is enticing
A few months ago I bought a book entitled, Art Journey America; Landscapes, 89 Painters' Perspectives.  This book can hold my attention for hours.  Unlike books that one reads then puts away, consumed and finished, this book can be perused over and over.  Looking at the subject of landscape painting and the endless style possibilities within the genre,  paired with the variety of materials and interpretations contained in this book is, to me, very instructive. Not to mention a sensual treat!

Each page has a short biography and interview with the artist featured and one representation of that artist's work.  How did they choose just one painting to represent themselves?  I  often get no further than the next page before I'm off to the computer to research an artist and look at his or her other works.  
If you are looking for inspiration to get your creativity jump-started or ideas of how to handle a passage of your own work that has you stumped, consider investing in this book.  If I ever turn out a landscape that reaches the mark, it will be, in part at least, because of what I learned from these artists.


RH Carpenter said...

Good recommendation - I love seeing good landscapes (I think because I don't do them well at all), and might enjoy this book for my art library. And...I can comment without creating a Google+ account now!! YAY!

Alice Jo Webb said...

I'm so glad you alerted me to the issue! Who knew? My landscape skills a sub-par, but I'm determined to learn to paint them well. I hope..