Friday, July 4, 2014

New Mexico Scene

In this piece I used an underpainting of yellow ochre. The sky was painted in using ultramarine, then the cloud areas were lifted out while it was wet.

Using reds to yellow ranges, I put random color over the subject area.

I decided to use a violet mixture for the shadows, but struggled to get the values just right.  It took a bit of experimenting till I was happy with it.
For the areas that would be under the large shadow color, I used ultramarine blue to accentuate the deeper areas before adding the violet tones over the top.
Ready for the foreground.  I wanted this to be a lonely, barren looking place, so I needed to be careful not to overdo the foreground area.  

The (maybe) finished piece.  I have had trouble getting it to photograph with a true representation of the true colors, but hopefully you can get the idea from this.  We've been on the road for 8 weeks and when I get home, I'll re-photograph it.  Now to name it.  So far, "drawing" a blank.  Hehe..

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