Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ran out of Burnt Sienna and Phthalo Blue! Winsor Newton paints are quite nice, but SO pricey. I am definitely on a budget right now, so what to do? I set a limit of $35.00 for the paints I needed and then took an inventory of what I was almost out of. No sense in paying shipping for two tubes of paint when I’ll be out of other colors before too long. I needed 5 tubes of paint!

Daniel Smith watercolors are very nice and priced more reasonably than Winsor Newton, but still over my budget. Enter Dick Blick Art Supplies! My Studio flier came with an introduction to the all new Dick Blick watercolors, at pretty great prices to tempt me to give them a shot. Not only could I get 8, EIGHT tubes of paint with the money I had to spend, they said they’d throw in a $24.00 Lama Li travel watercolor book for free!! Who could resist? Certainly not me.

Along with my usual colors, I decided to try out Cobalt Turquoise and Cobalt Violet for fun. I’ve seen them used recently, but hadn’t had the chance to try them out.

I did wonder if I’d get a student grade of paint for my trouble, but decided it was worth the risk. What a great gamble it was! I love the paints. They mix beautifully and dried only slightly paler than they were laid down. All watercolor paints fade as they dry, to differing degrees, but these are still lively and vibrant after drying 3 days with only slight fading. I took a small piece of 140lb. watercolor paper and made a few mixtures to see what I’d get. I can hardly wait for time to make more color mixes with them. What fun!

The Lama Li watercolor paper book was out of stock so the company substituted a 50 page Savoir Faire, 6” x 8.5” book in instead! Wow, the paper is gorgeous! Now, if it’ll only stop raining long enough to let me get OUTSIDE for a few hours.





Care said...

YIPPEE HOORAY! Can't wait to see what gorgeous paintings you create with them!

Wendy said...

Just your sample page is beautiful-you must be itching to paint for real!

Marquette Mower said...

Very fun! Other than the Wal-Mart paint I tried years ago, I've only used Daniel Smith paints so far...I'm anxious to try out some other brands. Can't wait to see what you do!