Saturday, September 1, 2018

By Their Fruits

For wanting to get a painting done a week this summer, I've sure gotten behind on my goal!  However, I got one done this week, and it felt great.

By Their Fruits
8.5" × 11.5"
Watercolor on paper

Thanks for stopping by- Alice


RH Carpenter said...

Luscious colors, great shapes and values - what more could one want from a painting? By their fruits shall you know them and we know you always give us something wonderful to see!

Jo Castillo said...

What a beautiful painting to get back to your challenge. I love this! Cactus pears are a favorite of mine.

Alice Jo Webb said...

Rhonda, that's so kind! Thank you.

Alice Jo Webb said...

They're just a part of our desert-dwelling hearts! Thank you, Jo.