Friday, October 31, 2014

Crowning Glory, Work in Progress 2

Did I ever so confidently state that I'd finish this painting in another day's work?  Please note that I was not in my right mind when I rashly made that declaration!  Holy smokes, Batman, those were the words of an innocent. Today, I am no longer under any such delusions and fully realize that I bit off a great big bite with this one.  It seems to be working out like I had envisioned, but it's a long, painstaking process.  However, there is progress and I will triumph!!

I hope.

Beginning to put the details into the fruit shapes.  At this point, I about freaked clear out thinking that adding an underpainting of yellow was a terrible idea.  I might still think that, but the finished piece will tell the real story.  

The color is finally on the fruit shapes but they won't be finished until the mask is off and the details added.  Patience, Alice, patience.  

Beginning to add color to the tips of the fruits and under the needle areas..

By this point, I'd added another glaze of paint over the rib area and had begun to take the mask off of the center of the "crown."  I quit that when I remembered that I wanted to add thorn shadows before I took the mask off.  This is where I stopped today because I was going cross-eyed.  Time to take a break.  It is interesting to me that the size of this makes it hard to see the scope of it in a little bitty photo.  

Okay, maybe tomorrow will be the real day this thing is finished!  Hope springs eternal.

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