Thursday, September 25, 2014

Spider Web, Finished

I love masque.  Being able to "set aside" parts of a painting to finish later gives me freedom when putting color into wet areas and letting them blend themselves.  Without it, those parts would have to be carefully painted around, taking the ability to drop color in and let it run and mix together away.  

In this painting, I used quite a bit of it.  Some masques come in handy little bottles with narrow tips to apply it, giving the artist greater control and ability to make tiny lines for details.  The spider web area was easy to draw on with it. 

This detail shows the piece after I lifted the masque.  The white areas are clean and ready to be detailed.  Masques do leave "hard" edges after they are lifted, so one has to plan accordingly.

The finished piece, 18" x 24", watercolor on 140 pound paper, limited palette

This painting was so enjoyable to do.  This is definitely one I'd be willing to enter into a show.  

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