Thursday, August 28, 2014

Alaska Travel Journal

Alaska is amazing.  I'd always heard that, now I've seen it for myself.  There wasn't as much time to journal as I had hoped, but I did get some pages done.  I'll work more on it the next couple of days before my memory leaks it all away.  The little sketches I brought home are my keepsake of the journey and hopefully, references for future paintings.

Some of the pages:

Fun tunnel in Ketchikan, AK

This just grabbed my fancy..

This is a hotel/boat.  Totally charming.

Amazing mountains and glaciers along much of the way.

Miles and miles of mountains and little tiny islands

I brought 4 different blues with me; I could have used more!  A whole new kind of light and atmosphere.

There was a lighthouse on this treacherous rock, a tiny white dot in the distance.

A fun story goes with this one.  I was sitting on the deck of the ferry in a quiet place painting the scenery we were passing and not paying any attention to anything around me.  Suddenly, someone started playing bagpipes next to me!  I nearly fell off of my seat, dripping a big, juicy brush full of paint onto the sky area.  Scared me silly.  A man, who's name I later learned was Peter, serenaded me for several songs.  That was a new experience.  First time I ever painted to live bagpipe music; I kinda hope it's the last!

Bellingham, WA harbor

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